5 Best Indian Games to Play!

5 Best Indian Games to Play!

Gaming in Indian is increasing day-by-day. India is established with soo many of esports teams and playing gaming tournaments everywhere in the world. The most famous games Pubg Mobile & Free Fire get too much hype on Indian gaming society. So we think that it should be changed and some other games must be introduced to this gaming society and Why to don’t of our country?.

Today, I’m gonna introduce you to the 5 Best Indian Games to play. So, without further delay let’s get started.

Rogue Heist

(Image Credit: Rogueheist)

Rogue Heist is a fresh take on Heist; what happens when both sides are eyeing the same prize. A 6v6 multiplayer game where are you are sent in with your team to steal and outrun an opponent at the same time.

Bhai the gangster

(Image Credit: Bhai The Gangster)

Open-World Action game for India based on the Hindi movie storyline. Hindi dialogues and character play will blow your mind. Ever wanted to play the Indian version of the open-world game? Then download Bhai The Gangster.

Bhai The Gangster features a unique storyline where Bhai is taking revenge on his girlfriend killer. Bhai used to be the Gangster of the city but he chooses a good path. Being a gangster always gets you more enemies than friends. One of the enemies called “Kancha” gave supari for his girlfriend and this game is the journey of Bhai for revenge. Find Kancha and kill him.


  • Hindi Voice Overs
  • Indian Characters
  • Indian Environment
  • Epic storyline and gameplay
  • Indian Auto and Mumbai Taxi Missions to earn money
  • Indian Lorry ( Truck ) physics
  • Indian Police Chase
  • UP/Bihar/Bhojpuri style language used
  • And more.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

(Image Credit: Itch.io)

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure game set in Ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm, her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Asura: Vengeance Edition

(Image Credit: Asura)

The Vengeance Edition is a free update for Asura which adds new features and content to the game. The expansion is now available and is accessible to those who own AsuraVengeance Mode: Introducing an endless mode with a brand new level wherein you resist the invading hordes of the Daeva empire.

Stay, Mum

Stay, Mum is an ordinary story about John, a young boy with an extraordinary imagination and his mother, who is busy trying to make a living for the two of them. Stay, Mum will let you manipulate different blocks to form surreal shapes out of John’s wild imagination and explore the bittersweet relationship between John and his mother. John means the world to his mother.

But to meet their needs, his mother has to work very hard. So hard that she never finds time for him. John’s loneliness is only cured by different blocks given to him by his mother. Why does the mother give him building blocks and what purpose do they hold?

So, That all for this article. Hope you’ll like it. Feel free to comment on your questions and please share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading.

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